It is the responsibility of all players in the Rocky Mountain Petroleum Hockey League (RMPHL) to know and abide by the Rules and Regulations. Team representatives are responsible for making the Rules and Regulations available to all players on their teams. Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) Rules will be in force except as follows:


A) The RMPHL will consist of ten (10) teams that is made up of players that are currently employed in the Oil and Gas Industry (ie. Service Company, Oil and Gas Producers, etc.) There will be a two player exemption rule (including goalies) per team (non oil patch players).

B) Each team will submit a roster no later than two (2) weeks after the beginning of the season. This roster should contain the following: � Players Name
� Players Place of Employment
� Players Business Phone Number
� Players Residence Phone Number

C) Goalies can commit to one (1) team only. There will be a spare goalie list to draw from for teams that require a goalie in the event your goalie can�t make a game. If there is no goalie, both teams decide whether to play or not. If a goalie does appear within the fifteen (15) minute wait period the game will proceed but with the team whose goalie was late being accessed a one goal penalty. If a goalie does not appear within the fifteen (15) minute wait period the game will be forfeited by the team who did not have a goalie present and the other team will be awarded the two (2) points. During the fifteen (15) minute wait period the RMPHL will not permit anyone but the goalie to play goal. This rule will be strictly enforced with no exceptions, however, if the two teams wish to play a friendly game of shinny let it be known that the RMPHL, it�s Executives and Committee and players are not responsible for any incident that may occur on or off the ice. Referees will not stay to officiate the game.

D) Each player must play a minimum of ten (10) games of the regular season games scheduled in order to qualify for the playoffs (excluding goalies who may be required to spare).


A) The maximum team roster will consist of twenty-five (25) players (including goalies). When there are changes made to the roster notify an RMPHL Executive Member as soon as possible. The Final roster will be due October 1st of the current season. Changes will be permitted to be made to the roster after October 1st but the League Manager is to be notified. No roster changes will be permitted to be made after December 15th (baring injury or extenuating circumstances).


A) The Home Team (listed second on the schedule) is responsible for supplying a completed game sheet and getting it to the visiting team at least ten (10) minutes before the start of the ice time. The game sheet, completed legibly with names and numbers of each dressed player, must be handed to the referee prior to the start of each game. A team unwilling to hand in a roster will forfeit the game. A referee may also hand out a bench minor to any team not having a completed roster by game time. Only fill out players that are present at game time - late players are responsible to get themselves added to the list. It is the responsibility of the Team Representative to make sure that names and numbers of the dressed players are correct.

NOTE: Labels for game sheets will be presented to each team once that team has submitted their roster. Three labels will be required for each team for each game sheet - one label for the White Copy (Official), Yellow Copy (Winning Team) and Red Copy (Losing Team).

B) A team must have at least five (5) skaters and one (1) goalie to play. Failure to have either or both will result in a forfeited game. The goalie must be on the ice at game time, as must all five (5) skaters.

C) Game time will be either of the following: � Five (5) minutes after the ice has been prepared for playing � The time such that two (2) stop time periods twelve (12) minutes each and one fifteen (15) minute stop time period can be played within allotted ice permit. If time is running out, the clock will go to two (2) minutes stop time. The length of the periods will be: First - fifteen (15) minutes, Second and Third - twelve (12) minutes.

D) A forfeited game will result in a 1 - 0 score against the team forfeiting the game. No goals will be allotted to the opposing team players.

E) There will be no body contact allowed other than positional play along the boards and in front of the nets. All contact deemed to be excessive would result in a minor penalty.

F) Slap Shots are allowed.

G) Up to two (2) assists should be recorded in addition to the goal.

H) Helmets are mandatory. No Player shall be allowed to play unless a helmet is worn. All helmets must be CSA approved. (Face shield are optional). Goaltenders are required to wear a CSA approved facemask.

I) The RMPHL will attempt to supply scorekeepers for all games. In the event that a scorekeeper is unavailable or does not show up for a game, the Home team will be responsible for supplying a scorekeeper. The game clock will be set to three (3) periods of twenty (20) minutes - run (or straight) time.

J) At the end of the game the scoresheet will be distributed as follows:
� Scorekeeper - White Copy
� Winning Team - Yellow Copy
� Losing Team - Red Copy
� In case of a tie the Home Team will receive the Yellow Copy


A) All Minor penalties will be two (2) minutes.

B) Any player amassing four (4) Minor penalties in one game will automatically be ejected from the game at the point of the fourth infraction.

C) Any Major penalty will result in a Game Misconduct to the player committing the offense. In addition, any one player of the penalized team (on or off the ice) shall serve the five-minute penalty assigned to a Major infraction. An automatic one game suspension will result with the Major/Game Misconduct infraction. Incident severity may result in further review by the Disciplinary Committee.

D) Three (3) stick infraction penalties in one (1) game shall result in ejection from the game at the point of the third infraction.

E) No fighting will be allowed. Anyone given a fighting penalty will be given a Game Misconduct for the game in which the infraction occurs plus a minimum of a three (3) Game Suspension for the first offense and will meet in front of the Disciplinary Committee for the second offense.

F) A "third man in" offense (Game Misconduct) will result in automatic ejection from the game and carries a next game suspension.

G) Any intent to injure another player by way of fighting, or use of stick, skate, or glove will result in a Game Misconduct. In addition, any player from the penalized team will serve the Major Penalty.

H) Any Match Penalty resulting from an intent to injure or an injury situation will result in a minimum five (5) game suspension. Could result in permanent suspension at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.

I) Any Gross Misconduct will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension. Incident severity may result in further review by the Disciplinary Committee.

J) The Disciplinary Committee will treat consecutive intent to injure infractions in a very serious manner. Severe action will be taken to rid the league of these offenders.

K) Penalty Minute Suspensions: Any one (1) player who reaches the allotted times listed below in one (1) season (including playoffs) will serve the following suspensions: (including ten (10) minute misconduct):

� 40 minutes 1 Game
� 50 minutes 3 Games
� 60 minutes will be suspended for remainder of season

NOTE: Depending on the severity and circumstances of any of the above infractions, the Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to assess further disciplinary action. This pertains to all major infractions on or off the ice.

L) The Disciplinary Committee will consist of six (6) persons. They are as follows: � President of the league;
� Five (5) Team Representatives who are chosen and/or voted in by the other Team Representatives. The Committee will be chosen at the start of each season. Any decision made by the Disciplinary Committee will be binding. The President has the responsibility of informing Team Representatives of Suspensions, Warnings, etc.

M) Any delay of game during penalty or at any time during the game will result in a Bench Minor penalty. (If it is excessive, it could result in a penalty shot being awarded.)


A) Verbal abuse of officials during the game will result in a Minor Penalty. A ten (10) minute Misconduct will be assesses if the verbal abuse continues. Finally, expulsion from the game will result if the player is still verbally abusing the official.

B) Threatening physical abuse on any official, by word or action will result in further disciplinary action.

C) Physical abuse before, after, or during the game will result in that player being expelled from the league indefinitely.

D) Verbal abuse of an official after the game (on or off the ice) will result in disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Committee.

E) The Officials Room is off limits to all teams. Infringement of this rule will result in severe action by the Disciplinary Committee.

F) All Match penalties involving Officials will result in the immediate suspension of the player or team official and will be dealt with severely by the Disciplinary Committee. It is very important that the Disciplinary Committee be notified of the Match Penalty in order to deal with expediently.

G) All Officials will be assigned a number. The Officials will use numbers rather than a signature for identification on game sheets. Should a team which to file a complaint with a member of the League Executive they should do so in writing and make reference to the Officials number.


A) Best of three (3) - as follows: First team to achieve four (4) points (2 points per win, 1 point per tie) wins the series. The first two games may end in a tie. The winner of the third game, wins series. If, after 3 games, a tie in points should occur, a shoot out will result to determine the winner of the game/series. Five shooters from each team will alternate (Team 1, Team 2, Team 1, Team 2, etc.) If a tie still exists, then the shoot out will assume the Sudden Death format. Shooters must work through the line-up before an individual can shoot for a second time. The Home Team will retain the option to shoot first or not.


A) If a Team Representative is absent from a regularly scheduled league meeting it will result in an automatic two (2) point deduction in league standings.

B) The Home Team should wear their white colored team jerseys and dark if you are the Away Team (provided that each team has Home and Away Jerseys).

C) It is the objective of the league to promote and expand recreational hockey within the City of Calgary. Sportsmanship and responsibility are expected from all associated members to help reach this goal.

D) The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations is to be at the discretion of the Rocky Mountain Petroleum Hockey League Executive Committee. (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, League Manager).

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